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Micro USB OTG Card Reader for Android Phones - TimeLapseCameras

Micro USB OTG Card Reader for Android Phones

  • $9.95

Connect this reader to your USB compatible Android device and you can transfer files to and from an SD Card, Micro SD Card or Flash Drive.


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  • Hi, Can you plug this reader directly into a TLC200 camera, then run a usb cable to a Samsung S7 phone and get images on the phone to check what shot you are getting? Kind Regards

    You can plug the reader into an Andriod phone and run a USB cable from the reader to the camera to preview the shot using a webcam app. This will only work with the Brinno TLC200 Pro camera, it will not work with any other TLC200 variants. Here is a great blog post how to and we will update this page with additional information soon.