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Delkin Fat Geko Suction Cup Mount

  • $32.95

One of our favorite mounts for interior construction projects is suction cup affixed to a window. Windows are typically put in early to seal a building and not touched until final cleaning. A window mount can capture the entire finishing of a space without relocation.

This is our favorite suction cup, it's strong and very versatile.


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  • Hi When do you expect Suction cup back in stock? Has anyone used cup on roof of a car? Highway? Thanks

    We had been trying to locate a lower profile suction cup but nothing holds as well as the Fat Geko. We have used this on the roof of a car, on the highway and it holds a small camera well, however, there is always some risk. There are two and three suction cup models which we don't stock. We prefer to suction to the inside of a window so the camera is protected. Sometimes the camera hanging upside down works better and you simply flip the video when editing. Inventory should return towards the end of this week.