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Brinno TLC 200 2 Pro Cameras and 2 Housings Set

  • $429.00

Purchase any TLC200 Pro camera from us, we will upsize and deflicker your first complete video project for FREE!

Things happen, we strongly feel every project should have at least two cameras. A second camera makes all the difference for creativity and redundancy. If you are doing a construction project, you only have one take, you can't do anything over. We have experienced and heard stories of disappointment, a bird did it's business on the lens, a skid loader backed into the pole, etc. Our cameras are very inexpensive, compared to other solutions. Give yourself the peace of mind and order two. For a construction project we recommend, two cameras side-by-side or covering different viewpoints of the exterior for foundation work and framing. When work switches to the interior, bring one camera indoors for a different perspective of the action.

This set includes, two Brinno TLC200 Pro cameras and two Brinno ATH120 housings.

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  • What is the difference between the Brinno BCC200 Time-Lapse Camera and the Brinno TLC200PRO Time-Lapse Camera

    The cameras are identical. The BCC200 is a bundle which includes the TLC200 Pro camera, housing and the Takeway clamp. For most applications, we do not recommend the Takeway clamp and feel our customers are better off choosing a different clamp which fits their application.

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