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Time Lapse Basics

General Camera Questions

Why should I choose a Brinno time lapse camera?

What are the differences between the Brinno cameras?

Why don't you offer a 1080 or 4K camera option?

How long will the batteries last?

What size SD card do I need?

Can I use an external power supply?

Are the cameras weatherproof?

Can I use a Wi-Fi SD card to automatically transfer files to a computer?

Can I capture still images rather than video?


How do I calculate the time interval and FPS?

How does the timer feature work?

Can I turn off the time/date stamp?

Where can I find firmware and instruction manuals?

Playback and Editing

How do I play AVI files on a PC?

How do I play AVI files on a Mac?

How do I combine individual AVI files?

What editing software do you recommend?

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