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Our team is ready to help with your short or long-term time lapse project. We are creators, our experience is based upon real world use of the Afidus camera we sell. We don't adhere to guidelines, recommendations and someones guess. We share our recommendations based upon over 10 years of experience. From camera selection and set-up, to choosing accessories and editing assistance, we are here for you. You are not buying only a camera, you are hiring a customer support team. 

Our passion is thriving off of our customer knowledge, education, and support through your projects. Every project is different, some projects are once-in-a-lifetime and we are the source to make sure your project is a success. You have questions... We have answers.


Afidus ATL-200S Long-term Time Lapse Camera


You have QUESTIONS... We have SOLUTIONS...

Why choose a long-term time lapse camera? This answer is easy... A dedicated camera is the right tool for the job. Depending on your capture interval, an Afidus camera will run unattended for weeks, even months on a set of standard AA batteries. Only an Afidus camera offers...

• Sony HDR (high dynamic range) sensor
• Wi-Fi app control with full screen preview on your phone or tablet
• An optical zoom lens with extreme macro functionality
• Auto and manual focusing
• Weatherproof without a housing
• Timer with day of the week scheduling
• 1080 resolution, MP4 format & more

Long-term time lapse isn't complicated with the right tool, you have found the tool, now it's time to create!

Award Winning!

We brought the Afidus ATL-200 camera to NAB2019, won a Product of the Year award and it was a Best in Show pick.

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1 day to 1 year+

At a capture a minute, over working hours, the Afidus ATL-200 will run for more than a month on four standard AA batteries!!!

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