Trade Show Booth, Exhibit and Event Time Lapse Services

We have been hired to do full-service trade show exhibit time lapses at CES. After setting up our cameras we took a stroll around the show floor. Immediately the idea hit, every booth at the show should be utilizing time lapse to generate social media interest and traffic. Capture your booth build to post the day before the show, people are in awe of the work behind the scenes to make your marketing vision a reality. Keep the camera rolling for the first day of visitor traffic. Consider filming the removal down to the last crate. The entire show can be captured wrapping up with a great finale and “see you next year!”

You don't want to worry about the logistics, contact us and make it happen. We will install redundant time lapse cameras and deliver a completed booth build lapse to you the day before the show. If you choose, the cameras will continue to run for visitor traffic and removal. We can also provide photography and other video services.

Booth security and surveillance are also options. We use the amazing Afidus ATL-200 long term time lapse camera which has a built in motion sensor. Cameras at your booth will deter undesired after hour activity. If someone doesn't notice the camera you will have them captured. We recommend one camera mounted in a fairly obvious location and another out of reach covering the primary camera. If the primary camera is tampered with, the other camera will catch the action.

Our service goes far beyond trade shows... museum installations, temporary exhibit installations, events and more. If you want something captured in time lapse the team is here to help with the tools, techniques and skills to quickly produce compelling videos for you. 

If you want to go the DIY route we are happy to help. With a camera purchase from us you have a team standing behind you to make certain your project is a success. From camera settings to mounting suggestions, editing assistance and more. We are here with the best customer care possible.

Regardless of your needs, reach-out and let’s start a discussion. or 507-884-0070.