Long Term Time Lapse Basic Concepts
It's always better to capture too much footage than not enough. Proper camera set-up is critical, but not complicated. Consider most video is played at 30 frames per second, YouTube, TV or your time lapse. 30 frames per second playback is a fixed number. The primary variable is how often you capture a time lapse frame. Let’s work backwards for a better understanding.

If you capture one frame a day, 30 days would be one second of video.
If you capture one frame an hour, 30 hours would be one second of video.
If you capture one frame a minute, 30 minutes would be one second of video.
If you capture one frame a second, 30 seconds is condensed to one second of video.

With these examples a time lapse calculator makes accurate camera settings easy to determine. The Afidus camera has a calculator within the app similar to this. The camera also has a start/stop timer, typically we use the number of working or project hours as a start. Whether 40 or 400 hours this is the primary variable to enter first. Then add the capture interval, it’s okay to guess, but we rarely go above 5 minutes, 1 minute is generally a good starting point. Note the storage space required is low, even on long projects a large card may not be necessary.   

Time Lapse Calculator
Time Lapse Cameras Help and Learning
Impressive Feature - Image Alignment

An Afidus exclusive feature, Image Alignment allows you to remove and replace the camera in the exact position.

Impressive Feature - Timer & Scheduling
Capture the action and exclude nonworking hours and weekends. New firmware allows up to four time slots each day. 
Complete Afidus operation video with an index in the YouTube description. This tutorial covers the basics, from turning the camera on, to starting a recording.
In this video we walk you through the Afidus App download, Wi-Fi connection, zoom and focus check and how to deploy the Afidus camera for your first timelapse. The YouTube description includes an index.
Impressive Feature - Time Lapse Calculator
Within the Afidus app, simply enter the number of project hours and an interval to determine your video length and card space required. 
Impressive Feature - Macro Focusing
The Afidus camera's optical zoom lens is capable of extreme macro focusing less than an inch from the lens to subject.