Time Lapse Video Editing Services

Video stats, 3 Brinno TLC200 Pro time lapse cameras, five second capture interval, still photos added, upsized to 4K, 2 week construction duration.

We edit footage supplied by customers worldwide. Editing can be as simple as joining multi-day files together or loaded with options to make an awesome video presentation. We are very efficient and productive with time lapse video files.

It is challenging to provide a fixed rate for editing, a year long project may have three minutes or three hours of footage. The best plan would be to discuss your camera settings with us before you start your project, this way we can help you achieve a nice balance of content for final editing. Editing costs are also dependent on your needs (one minute for social media or a corporate marketing video).

We offer a no obligation evaluation and quote, we are also happy to make recommendations. Simply upload your content to Google Drive or We Transfer and share your files with info@timelapsecameras.com. Some projects may have too much content for online transfer, alternatively you can mail a drive to us.

Brinno Video Editing TimelineAll final videos will include…
- Customer supplied logo addition
- Color correction
- Basic transitions
- Music selected from YouTube Audio Library

- Expedited turnaround
- Upsizing to 4K
- Multi-camera viewpoints
- Additional versions or resolutions
- Additional customer supplied content
     (drone, still photos, etc.)

- Voiceovers and/or call out statements
- Music from customer supplied source
- Detailed credits with additional logos
- Animations and graphics
- Panning, zooming and keyframe effects
- Unique transitions
- And more

Our editing services are not limited to timelapse, we are very willing to discuss any of your needs. Maybe you just need 1080 footage scaled to 4K.

From simply joining files to creating a story from a multi-camera shoot, we are here to help. Regardless of your needs, reach-out and let’s start a discussion. info@timelapsecameras.com or 507-884-0070.