Behind the Video - 3D Printed Halloween Pumpkin Brinno Time Lapse

I enjoy good 3D print time lapse videos. 3D printing is a very unique process and time lapse allows you to watch creations come to life in seconds rather than the hours or days it may take for the actual work.

Check out the video, continue reading below for more information.

Brinno cameras are a perfect solution for showcasing your 3D project. The batteries will last the duration of long prints and the small size allows for creative positioning. For this project I used three TLC200 Pro cameras each with different lenses and a TLC120 camera for the pumpkin interior view. One camera would have worked fine, I just like experimenting with variety.

Brinno 3D Printing Time Lapse Set-up

Notice how none of the cameras are touching the printer or the table the printer is sitting on. This is very important to eliminate any potential vibration.

Before starting any time lapse project you need to predict the future and come up with an appropriate capture interval. This print was going to take about 20 hours, plus 4 hours for the top and about another hour for the stem. Using the Brinno Time Lapse Calculator, I entered 20 hours in line one and went with a 30 second interval to give me 80 seconds of final video.

Brinno Time Lapse Calculator

I always like to have about double the footage for my final editing, in this case the four cameras gave me almost too much to work with. 30 seconds would be perfect for one camera and allow you to speed up the video to less than a minute easily. For the top and stem I reduced the capture interval to 10 and five seconds due to the shorter print length.

This post represents general guidelines. In the end, the creative part is up to your imagination.

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