Fixing Bad Brinno Time Lapse Video for Jyl Bonaguro

Here is something different which represents a mountain of editing work. Jyl Bonaguro, the very talented artist behind this carving, contacted us when she was faced with a major camera issue which made her footage unusable. Jyl sent over a sample file and we simply could not explain the problem. The camera produced very bright hot frames quite often and the footage had horizontal bands which are an easy fix. The hot flashes are an issue we had never seen before and after further testing of her camera it has not happened again. I think it was a metering issue, resulting from the white marble and the sunlit room. Regardless, Jyl had gone through all the work carving and had the foresight to capture it with a Brinno we had to help rescue her footage. I volunteered to personally take this one on and asked Jyl to send over all of her footage...

I was not expecting to receive 42 minutes of video requiring painstaking frame-by-frame editing. In my free time I would clip away, making slow progress. Jyl had an exhibit opening and really wanted to show the video at the event. With some last minute motivation and prodding I got the job done.

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