House Demolition Captured with a Brinno Time Lapse Camera

These two homes were demolished to make way for new construction. Our Brinno time lapse cameras for construction were rolling. Demolition happens fast, an excavator will flatten a small house in an hour or two. Some make the mistake of wrapping this action into an entire build. If you capture every five minutes, tragically you will be left with nothing more than a slideshow. Get your interval down, for action like this we were at a capture every second which created two minutes of content each hour. Remember, It is always better to have too much footage than wish you had captured more.

You can easily create videos like this with a low cost, long term Brinno camera. Check out our Brinno Essentials Bundle which includes everything you need. We are the only Brinno Certified Retailer in North America and we take customer care very seriously. Reach out to us for more camera information and engage with us on instagram @timelapsecameras

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