Mayo Civic Center Sculpture Installation, Brinno Time Lapse, an Expression in Rochester, MN

Occasionally there are amazing projects in our local area we strongly feel need to be documented as a time lapse and this is one of those projects. We may volunteer our time and equipment to capture a once in a lifetime story. However, the story and sculpture are unnamed, for now we are going with an Expression and this time lapse is our expression of the art installation. Enjoy...

The sculpture was created by artist Po Shu Wang ( The work in this video was completed over about a week in December and is ongoing to finish the site with the addition of interactive sound and light components. 

Brinno Time Lapse Camera Suction CupWe used three Brinno TLC 200 Pro time lapse cameras for the overall capture. One camera was clamped to a light pole, another to a street light and the third camera was suction cupped to the maroon awning on the Civic Center building with the very strong Delkin Fat Geko.

The cameras were set with timers to record dawn to dusk action only. We stopped down a few times to capture still images but the Brinno cameras ran untouched. The capture interval was every 5 seconds, which gave us too much footage but also allowed for smooth motion during crane activity and unwrapping. We considered a capture every minute which would have made the editing process easier, however, major activity would happen in a blink.

Brinno Time Lapse Camera MountHere are some project stats...
75 GB of recorded content
33 total clips
3 camera angles
7 days of recorded time
2 hours 25 minutes of footage to sift through
300+  photos to pick from

All of the sifting and sorting credit goes to Marie who did an awesome job eating this video. Using a specialized process, developed over countless hours of trial and error the original 720 footage was upsized to 4K for YouTube and 1080 for Facebook and Twitter.

Time Lapse Video Footage Editing 




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