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Introducing the New Afidus ATL-200 Long Term Time-lapse Camera

We have been in the long-term time lapse business since 2012. Up until now, camera choices have been less than exciting and hindered by 720 resolution, AVI file format, action camera hacks or complex DSLR/solar options.

in October, a Taiwanese camera company (Afidus) asked us to check out their new camera solution. We were immediately blown away by the features and capabilities.

We spent two months working with Afidus to improve the camera's features and functionality. We also needed to create our own content and instructional information. is our site dedicated to showcasing the features along with detailed information, including this intro video...

The Afidus ATL-200 camera is packed with the features users have requested and some unexpected surprises too.

• Full 1080 Sony HDR (high dynamic range) Sensor 
• Optical Zoom Lens (16-35mm DSLR equivalent)
• Wi-Fi App Control with full screen preview
• Weather Resistant without a housing
• Timer with day of the week scheduling
• Motion Detection
• Pinch Zoom App Screen to confirm precise focus
• MP4 File Format
• Macro Focus an inch from the lens
• One Tap Auto Focus with manual precision
• Unattended Operation for weeks to months
• And more great features!

Our Take
Everyone has been waiting for a big time lapse camera update, and here it is. The optical zoom alone, provides creative flexibility. There is no need to be confined with a fixed super wide angle lens. As a bonus, the lens will focus an inch away or less from your subject.

Other Exciting Features Include
Image Alignment allows you to take a snapshot of your camera's current view, move the camera (for a battery swap, downloading or a temporary viewpoint change). Image Alignment creates a wireframe from your snapshot and allows you to move the camera into the same position before the move. 

The Afidus app also includes a time lapse calculator, Instagram square crop preview, image rotation to allow shooing with the camera upside down and played back right side up.

This feature packed camera is a great solution for any time lapse project. Browse both sites and let us know if you have any questions.

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