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Brinno 18-55 Lens for TLC 200 Pro Camera

  • $249.00

UPDATE 11/17/18: This item is currently backordered, we will check the status on Monday, 11/19.

The Brinno 18-55 is one of our favorite all around lenses. If you need a lens with less close-up distortion or a different focal length this is a great choice.

Comparison between the ART200 and TLC200 Pro standard lens and the TLC200 Pro with the 18-55 and 24-70 lenses. Select 720, using the gear on the player, for the best quality.

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  • Is there a weatherproof housing for this lens?

    There are no weatherproof housings for the optional Brinno lenses. However, the Brinno 24-70 lens allows the full range of tilt and the camera will lay flat. Some people use the 24-70 lens with a standard surveillance housing. The Brinno 18-55 lens will not allow the camera to lay flat.