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DIY Mount Ready to Go

  • $16.00

For long term projects, we recommend securely fastening your Brinno time lapse construction camera by screwing it to a tree, post or board. The components of our DIY mount can be found at any large home center, however, we offer this package for convenience. The housing mount is at the back which allows the front to swing open so the camera can be removed and replaced without changing the camera position. Often, we use the housing indoors to assure the camera doesn't shift when batteries are changed, the housing also protects the camera from dust, paint, etc.
  • 1/4-20 Stainless Cap Screws (3), requires 5/16 hex/allen wrench
  • Lock Washers (2)
  • Pre-drilled Angle (12")
  • Lag screws (6)
  • Lag screw/camera washers (4)

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