Afidus ATL-800i 4K Time Lapse Camera
Afidus ATL-800i 4K Time Lapse Camera
Afidus ATL-800i 4K Time Lapse Camera
Afidus ATL-800i 4K Time Lapse Camera
Afidus ATL-800i 4K Time Lapse Camera
Afidus ATL-800i 4K Time Lapse Camera
Afidus ATL-800i 4K Time Lapse Camera
Afidus ATL-800i 4K Time Lapse Camera
Afidus ATL-800i 4K Time Lapse Camera
Afidus ATL-800i 4K Time Lapse Camera
Afidus ATL-800i 4K Time Lapse Camera
Afidus ATL-800i 4K Time Lapse Camera
Afidus ATL-800i 4K Time Lapse Camera
Afidus ATL-800i 4K Time Lapse Camera

Afidus ATL-800i 4K Time Lapse Camera

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A NEW 4K Camera is Here...
The Afidus 800i

improved + innovative + impressive = inspiring

7/18/24 SHIPPING UPDATE: An order placed today is for the new ATL-800i camera. We have incoming shipments arriving weekly, but demand often exceeds our supply. Order fulfillment may take longer than a week. Please consider this a special order item and contact us if you urgently need a 4K camera.

Capable of running weeks unattended. The ATL-800 goes beyond long term time lapse with crossover camera functionality. With a continuous interval selection (up to 30 frames per second) both audio and video are captured. Combined with an optical zoom lens, auto and manual focusing precision, the 800 offers limitless creative versatility.

Until now, there hasn’t been a true 4K all-in-one compact long term time lapse solution with professional level output. When content creators and photographers make a wish list, combining the best features from an award winning weatherproof time lapse camera with action camera and DSLR attributes, the result is a new and very unique creative tool…


Manual Controls

4K Example Compilation

Afidus ATL-800 App

ATL-800i Highlights

Exclusive New Feature

Remote Wi-Fi Activation

Feature Packed

  • No touch wi-fi activation
  • Hot swappable power
  • 4K or 1080 MP4 time lapse video output
  • h.264 or h.265 Encoding
  • 30 FPS real-time capture with audio
  • Set any time lapse intervals
  • Advanced daily scheduling with 4 time slots
  • Corrupt file prevention and repair
  • 16-35mm (DSLR Equivalent) optical zoom
  • Auto and manual focusing
  • USB battery pack keep alive
  • Macro focusing
  • Image alignment
  • Weatherproof IPX5
  • Waterproof USB port
  • 4AA battery power
  • New app and more!

Power Pack Shutdown Avoidance

Afidus cameras conserve batteries by requiring very little power between frames and outside the daily schedule hours. Most external USB power packs automatically turn off when not actively charging. For example, using a power pack to charge a phone, once the phone is charged the power pack shuts down. In the past, users had limited options for always on power packs. The ATL-800 has Power Pack Shutdown Avoidance, allowing you to use any USB battery supply. There are three setting options which trigger the battery pack, preventing auto shutdown.  


Microphone & AE Optimizer Sensor

Afidus Exclusive Feature - Image Alignment

Image alignment is a unique tool only found in Afidus cameras. Removing the card to download or changing batteries may require moving the camera. Image alignment builds a wireframe overlay based upon a snapshot taken before the camera was moved. With a visual reference it is easy to reposition the camera for seamless capture. Screen capture shown is from a 200S camera, the ATL-800 has the same functionality with a different app interface.

User Feedback...

"Very capable camera! The best on the market currently in its class. Zoom and manual precise focus were excellent and unexpected. I impulse bought an action cam earlier this week, was sorely disappointed."

"Love the Afidus cameras! Much better quality than the horrid GoPro for time lapse."

"Holy smokes!!!!! WOW! Clearer, sharper, better color and can't wait to try the 800 on storms! Bottom line, IT ROCKS! Plain and simple." Roger,"

The ATL-800i is not a ATL-230 camera replacement, they are both very capable and current cameras. You have an option. If you want a 4K camera and you are accustomed to working with and editing 4K footage the ATL-800 may be a very good camera choice for you. 4K files from the ATL-800 are large and require substantial computer and processing resources. Before ordering, please confirm your editing system is capable of handling 4K MP4 videos.

The ATL-800i camera's larger sensor requires more power than the 200 series cameras. Capable of long term operation and longer life recording in 1080, please review the battery life specifications. If you want simple operation, with great results and long battery life, go with the 230. If you want 4K for creative control to pan, zoom or crop, but your output will be 1080, time lapse is creative and the lens zooms, consider two 230 cameras for variety.

Model Afidus ATL-800i
Sensor Sony™ Starvis™ 1/2.8” CMOS image sensor
Resolution 3840x2160 @ 30fps, 1920x1080 @ 30fps
Lens Optical Zoom 2.8-8mm/f1.6 (16-35mm DSLR equivalent)
Focus Auto, manual (remote zoom and focus in app)
Field of View 120° (Horizontal)
Capture Modes Time Lapse, Camcorder, Snapshot on Demand
Timelapse Intervals 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 20, 30 seconds, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 minute, 1, 4, 24 hour, Custom time interval of any duration
Continuous Intervals 1-30 FPS @ 3840x2160 & 1920x1080
Storage Micro SD (capacity up to 128GB)
File Format MP4 h.264 or h.265
Power Source Battery AA x 4 / Micro-USB DC 5V waterproof
Battery Life Afidus Battery Technology™
Continuous Record --> 5± hours
Interval Capture
3s --> 10+ hours
1 min --> 12+ days
5 min --> 60± days
10 min --> 112± days
Power Bank Keep Alive 3 options to prevent battery pack auto shutdown
Timer 4 time slots each day & day of the week scheduling
Microphone Audio capture with continuous intervals
Weather Resistant IPX 5 with silicone sleeve
Mounting 1/4" X 20 standard tripod mount, (4) strap tabs for horizontal and vertical
Weight 140g (w/o batteries)
Dimensions 103 x 80 x 55mm
App OS Android 8.0 and iOS 11.0 or later
Accessories Included: 16GB SanDisk Ultra micro SD card, strap, USB cable, (4) Energizer AA batteries
Sample Files Sample 1
Sample 2