Brinno Exposure Flicker Fix

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At some point, all Brinno cameras may exhibit some exposure flickering between frames. Flicker is unavoidable and is the result of the camera's automatic exposure trying to determine the proper exposure.

Exposure flicker is caused by changing ambient light intensity, primarily during sunrise, sunset or when moving clouds obscure the sun. Flicker often results in undesirable footage, we have hundreds of hours of good video which has never been seen until now.

Our deflickering solution fixes bad video clips or entire projects. Using complex exposure analysis each frame is adjusted to match neighboring frames. The results make bad footage usable.

For $80.00 we will deflicker your Brinno footage.

  • $80.00 for edited videos up to 5 minutes
  • 72-hour turnaround for most files.
  • Money back guarantee if your video is not improved.
  • Clips must be joined with all editing work done. (We will be announcing a full editing service in the near future.)

Upon purchase, share a DropBox or Google Drive file with

Email or call 507-884-0070 for more information.