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Brinno BCC200 Construction Camera with Takeaway
Brinno BCC200 Construction Camera Takeaway Clamp
Brinno BCC200 Construction Camera
Brinno BCC200 Construction Camera Takeaway Clamp

Brinno BCC200 Time Lapse Camera Bundle with Takeway Clamp

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Update 6/12/17: In comparison to other great Brinno products, we have never fully embraced this bundle. We don't use the included clamp for our own projects and never find ourselves recommending this product. We want you to get exactly what you need for a successful project. Our Brinno Essentials Bundle includes, the same camera and housing, a more versatile clamp and larger SD card.

Time lapse camera and weather resistant housing with a new industrial quality multi-purpose clamp.

  • TLC200 Pro 720p HD Time-Lapse Camera Kit
  • Weather resistant housing
  • Industrial grade aluminum clamp
  • 80 day battery life, with a capture every 10 minutes using the timer
  • 1/3" Low Light HDR Sensor; 4.2um Pixels
  • CS Lens Mount
  • 19mm, f/2.0, 112° Wide Lens Included
  • SD Memory Card Storage
  • Powered by 4 x AA Batteries
  • Time Lapse Intervals from 1 Sec - 24 h

Clamp Notes
This is an very unique clamp, but quite limiting in comparison to other, less expensive options. Before you add this package bundle to your cart, please consider the following.

  • The 1X1 cm square grip pads are hard plastic and too small. If you are clamping to a hard surface the pads may damage the surface and the pads don't compress for additional grip.
  • There is nothing to prevent inadvertent movement. Other clamps have a flat surface to rest against your clamping surface which prevents movement.
  • This clamp requires two hands for installation which can be tricky if you are on a ladder or scaffolding. One hand supports the camera, the other tightens the hand  screw.
  • A screwdriver or coin is required to attach the mounting disk to the camera or camera housing. Other clamps simply attach with a hand screw. If lost, there is no replacement for the small disk and the clamp would be useless.
  • Unlike other clamps, the ball head does not go past vertical. This can make installation on a vertical post or stud tricky, especially if you want the camera pointed up.
  • The clamp sticks out too far and could be more prone to inadvertent bumping. Additionally, the hand knob is often pointing the same direction as the camera and may be in the camera's view.
  • There are no replacement parts for this clamp, if you loose the mounting plate the clamp is worthless.

We are committed to bringing you honest and accurate information. Although this clamp looks amazing, there may be better choices for your project. This is a nice clamp to have for occasional use if you have others to choose from. It has come in handy, it is just not our choice most applications or long term use.

Model TLC 200 Pro
LCD Screen 1.44" TFT LCD
Waterproof Optional with included Weather Resistant Housing (ATH120)
Capture Mode
Time Lapse Auto generation of Time Lapse video
Image Sensor
Type 1/3" HDR sensor
Dynamic Range 115db
Resolution 1.3 Mega pixel
Pixel size 4.2um
Sensitivity 3650mV/lux-sec (Ultra good low light quality)
Lens (BCS 019)
Type CS Mount (Aspherical Glass Lens)
Aperture F 2.0
Field of View 112°
Focal Length 19 mm (35mm equivalent)
Focus Distance Manual focus from 1 cm to ∞ (factory setting: 40 cm )
Shooting Setting
Scene Daylight, Twilight, Night, Moon, Star
White Balance Auto, Day, Shade, Cloudy, Fluorescent Light (Cool), Fluorescent Light (Warm), Tungsten Light
Custom Image Exposure, Saturation, Contrast, Sharpness
Time Lapse Video Format: AVI
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Still Image Format: JPEG (only for using Shutter Line)
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Memory Storage SD Card (Supported up to 32 GB)
Time Interval
ASAP Captures 3~ 5 photos in 1 second
Custom From 1 second to 24 hours
Power source Battery: 4 AA Batteries
DC IN: 5V (Micro USB connector)
Battery Life 2 second time interval, captures 240,000 frames
Size (DxWxH) 64 x 52 x 107 mm
Weight 140 g (without batteries)
Color Black
Battery Life
Scene - Daylight
Time interval Frames captured Days
ASAP 168000 1
1 sec 200000 2.3
2 sec 244000 5.6
5 sec 204000 11.5
10 sec 145000 17.0
20 sec 108000 25.0
30 sec 84500 29.0
1 min 51000 35.0
5 min 12300 42.0
10 min 6300 43.0
1 Hr 1070 44.0
4 Hr 269 44.0
24 Hr 45 45.0
Scene - Night
Time interval Frames captured Days
ASAP See 5 sec
1 sec Not available
2 sec Not available
5 sec 39000 2.3
10 sec 30000 3.5
20 sec 28100 6.5
30 sec 26200 9.0
1 min 21800 15.0
5 min 9300 32.0
10 min 5400 37.0
1 Hr 1040 43.0
4 Hr 268 44.0
24 Hr 44 44.0