MagMonstr Magnetic Camera Mount

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We are going to start this description off with a warning. This magnet has blood blister inducing strength with over 110 pounds of force. Keep your fingers out of the way when you attach it to solid steel. Once attached the magnet won’t move. We recommend painters tape to protect finished surfaces, otherwise you do risk scratching during removal.

Cars, implements, beams, ductwork, this will stick to to any magnetic surface. With thinner metal there is less holding power, but it can still be a great solution. We use ours on steel siding with painters tape. It’s a great option for suspended ceilings and we often mount our cameras upside down.

Created by our good friend Michael Lohr, the magnet sleeve is 3D printed, regardless this is a great solution for many steel mounting applications.

Base diameter: 2”
Height: 2.5”

The ball head is secured with Loctite which can be removed with a little force.