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Takeway Camera Clamp

  • $65.00

Update 6/12/17: We don't use the Takeway clamp for any of our projects and we feel there are better clamping solutions. Save yourself $35.00 and Check out the Pedco Ultra Clamp 1.5, we include the Pedco in our Brinno TLC200 Pro Essentials Package and use the Pedco for many of our projects. 

The Takeway clamp is bundled with a camera and housing to make Brinno's BCC200 construction camera package. Bundles are limiting, each application may require a different mount option. The Takeway clamp is a work of art, engineered very well with the best quality components. However, for most applications it is not a clamp we would choose to use. This is why it's here alone, we pull it out of the bundle and sell you only the components you need. If you want this clamp it is available in the BCC200 bundle or separately on this page.

This is an very unique clamp, but quite limiting in comparison to other, less expensive options. Before you add this to your cart, please consider the following.

We are committed to bringing you honest and accurate information. Although this clamp looks amazing, there may be better choices for your project. This is a nice clamp to have for occasional use if you have others to choose from. It has come in handy, it is just not our choice for most applications or long term use.

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  • Thank you very much for your great and unbiased review. Could you please recommend other clamps that work with the BRINNO timelapse cameras? Thank you again

    There are many clamps which will work with Brinno cameras. In our Housings and Mounts section, we offer two great Pedco clamps and a DIY solution which can be made from simple components from any home center. Please take a few minutes to read our Mounting Your Camera article, which details some good recommendations. If your situation does not fit one of our suggested solutions, feel free to email us at for further discussion.

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