Mounting a Brinno Time Time Lapse Construction Camera to a Pole

Brinno Construction Camera Pole Mount

Occasionally, we get asked how to mount Brinno time lapse construction cameras to metal, concrete or fiberglass poles. Here is a good solution which will work for other cameras too. We started a new time lapse project today using the Brinno TLC 200 Pro and this is the set-up. The camera was mounted to a 10” steel pole with this DIY rig. We have been working on a custom camera bracket, which we are excited to offer as a turn-key mount solution in the near future, for now...

We like a rigid support in tricky situations, a clamp on the board would have worked fine here. However, with one hand holding the ladder or pole and the other hand opening the case and removing the camera, a rigid support assures no inadvertent movement. The pre-drilled angle steel is available at Lowe’s cut to 12”, other home centers have the same steel, typically in 3’ - 4’ lengths.  The steel is nice to allow up and down camera alignment. The camera mount screw is 1/4” X 20 with washers and a lock washer to take up any extra length. We offer a kit with everything you need in our DIY Mount Ready to Go.

Notice the tape around the housing. The housing does very well in the rain, however, it is marketed as weather resistant. Hard driving rain can potentially penetrate the seal. The amount of water inside the housing will be minimal and we don’t know of an instance where moisture has damaged a camera. The problem is, any moisture in the housing will condense on the lens area of the housing and weck your footage until the housing is dried out. Condensation is a bad thing, never open the housing during any rain, handle the camera with moist hands and, of course, cover your mouth if you are going to sneeze. The black tape was also used to cover up the orange ratchet straps which screamed look at the camera.

This entire set-up cost less than $300. The camera is capturing a frame a minute during working hours only. We will check the cam monthly, even though it would run for about 70 days on a fresh set of batteries. Long term construction time lapse is very easy and is here to help during any step of the process from discussing settings and even setting-up your camera before shipping, to download and editing questions. For reasons which set us apart from other retailers, please skim the Difference.

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  • Rory Hally

    Hi ,
    I have purchase the Brinno TLC200 Pro for use on a construction project . I have had it up and down over a periodof 3 days and every morning there is condensation on the outside of the case . Is there a film/oil or similar I can purchase which will prevent this(and possibly rain droplets) from interfering with view.



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